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Our company has extensive experience in electricity sector, an area in which more than 20 years.

Our professionalism and experience are at your disposal to satisfy your every need.

The PERINO manufactures and sells the following products: ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT

We also specialize in the following services:

Application: electromechanical and electronic industry, the service sector and civil installations on the machine and automation, fire alarm systems both for the industry and for the calendar year.
Among the strengths, helpful staff and highly trained staff who, in addition to interfacing with the customer during the design and construction, is able to establish a good relationship with the advice and assistance that continues over time.
Perino The company manufactures systems for the industry, the service sector, infrastructure and civil.
Systems designed for different applications, which share a key first step, that is the realization in collaboration with skilled professionals of Design and sizing of equipment.
Often the basic facilities were later adapted to an increasingly sophisticated level of technology and equipment required by the market.

Our expertise includes ....
Install electrical and electronic civil and industrial
installations of production, transport, distribution and use of electrical energy to the interior of buildings, from the point of delivery dell'enegia Ente distributor
television systems and electronic in gender, antennas and lightning protection systems
fire protection systems

We also specialize in service and repair of electrical machinery tools.

Quality Certification

Certificate UNI ISO 9001/2008